Professional wedding and event photographer based in Surrey covering West Byfleet, Woking, Weybridge, New Haw, Cobham, Pyrford, Woodham, Guildford, Hampshire, Berkshire.


Photographs matter!  They matter more than almost every other tangible item.  We take photos every day and of all occasions; weddings, parties, holidays, family gatherings, our child's birthday, their first steps, first day at school.  The list is endless and we take photographs to capture these moments.  There are so many amazing events in our lives that we want to preserve forever and photographs are the best way we can do this.

Whenever there is a natural disaster or a catastrophic event, people are always looking for their most treasured possessions.  They are not usually looking for jewellery or money.  More often than not, they are looking for their photographs.

A photograph captures a moment in time and when you hold a picture in your hands, you are instantly transported back to that magical moment.  Our children grow up too quickly and photographs help us to capture and preserve those special times.

Portraits of your family and loved ones capture a moment of love and togetherness that you will cherish for years to come and then hand down to your children. 


Instagram and Tips

Do you have a DSLR/mirrorless camera and often look at the photos taken by professionals and wonder what settings they used to get that shot?  Well, I regularly upload images to my Instagram account and include details of which lens I used along with my camera settings and the position of the light/sun/window.  Follow my Instagram account to be see the images and hopefully learn how to become a better photographer using your own camera.  Below are my my recent 9 Instagram images: