My Lego Commission!!

Recently a 'client' wanted me to take some photographs of Lego!  Aaryan had created a Lego diorama and he was desperate that I take some photographs, so that he could share it with people.   Fair enough I said but in return, I asked that he sit for a short period afterwards and allow me to take some photos of him!  

One would assume that it must be easy for me to take photos of my own son but it's actually harder than you would think!  Anyway, I present the Lego diorama:

Lighting wise, I used a softbox place to my right.  Taken at f8 at 1/125s.

There was also time for some Lego Ninjago action!  This is a good example of what happens when you are close to the 'subject', in this case the Lego pilot, and shooting at a low f-stop.  This is at f1.4.  You can see the background blur away after a few cms.

....... and what session isn't complete without some Skylander figures?!!  Exactly!  No shoot is complete!

After my warm up, I got Aaryan to sit down for a couple of portraits.  Just like most things in life, you always need time to warm up and that especially applies to your subjects.  At first we chatted and joked and I fired of a load of photos just to get him to relax and forget about the camera...

And then I captured one that his mother would like:

Children....... they grow up too fast.  So get your camera out and capture the moments.