A Week-ish in Photography

Some photography related stories from around the globe that caught my eye:

Vincent LaForet's Air

Vincent LaForet is a Pulitzer winning photography and has influenced the lives of many photographers around the world.  His latest project is called Air; he gets into a helicopter at dusk, goes up, keeps going up and comes back with some amazing images!

He has recently shot London and created some jaw-dropping images.  Belowis a video from the London shoot.  The full photographs can be seen in this post..... If you have a super-large monitor, then you are in for a real treat!

Lily Camera

Most people will be aware of the drone cameras, like the DJI Phantom.  Well, there's a new drone on the market and it is called Lily.  What makes this drone different is that you do not need to need a radio controller for Lily.  You simply wear a GPS tracker and the drone will follow you.  There are different settings you can choose, like have the drone follow you around, do a loop, hover and follow, take slow-mo video, etc.  These can be controlled from the tracker.  Check out the amazing video and wait to see what happens when the guy throws Lily into a river!

It does not ship until next February but if you order now, then it could be yours for around £325 (half of what the price will be at launch), which in drone prices, is a steal!  Check out more features on the Lily Website.

Douglass Sonders

Douglass Sonders is an american commercial photographer.  He recently wrote a post on Fstoppers about a campaign he shot for owners of Jaguar and Land Rover (Tata Motors).  On the webpage there's a lovely animation of the retouching that they did.  I guarantee you will watch it many times looking for changes they made!