Mark's 40th

Mark’s 40th at The Marylebone Hotel

It’s always nice when one can celebrate a milestone birthday with family and friends. Mark was fortunate to have his loved ones come in from around the globe to celebrate his 40th birthday at The Marylebone Hotel. It was a lovely venue and music was provided by Freight Train Music, who were awesome!

Special mention and thanks to Mark’s wife, Eugenia, who coordinated the event and was a wonderful client. Here are the images from the evening but here are answers to some questions you may have:

Q: Can I get a copy of the digital files?

A: Yes!  Just email me at with the image name/s (e.g. Mark-7) and I will email the files to you..... and no, there is no fee for the file.

Q: Can I get prints?

A: Yes! Again, email me at with details of which images and size you would like and I can quote you a price.  All images are printed on professional photographic paper by a professional lab (i.e. not a supermarket!).  

Q: Can I get a framed print or a metallic/acrylic print?

A: Yes!  Please email me ( and I will be happy to discuss this you.

Q: Can I upload and share the photos on Facebook, Instagram etc.

A: I have no restrictions as long as they are for personal use but please ask Mark beforehand.  I welcome the images being shared so that everyone can enjoy them!

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