William's 7th Birthday at Campaign Lasertag

William's 7th Birthday Party at Campaign Laser Tag!


William's mother, Rocio, contacted me a week before William's 7th birthday Laser Tag party at Campaign in Cobham, Surrey.  Up until two days before the event, I was not sure if I would be able to free up my calendar.  Fortunately the stars... actually in this case the New Moon, aligned and I was able to attend. 

William celebrated his birthday with friends and family and everyone had a great time.  There was lots of running around in the woods and even more smiley, albeit tired, faces after.  Everyone had a great time and it's a pleasure to share the images of the day.

Here are some questions some of you may have:

Q: Can I get a copy of the digital files?  Yes!  Just email me at info@sumanzaman.com with the image name/s (e.g. William-7) and I will email the files to you..... and no, there is no fee for the files.

Q: Can I get prints?  Yes! Again, email me at info@sumanzaman.com with details of which images and size you would like and I can quote you a price.  All images are printed on professional photographic paper by a professional lab (i.e. not from a supermarket).  

Q: Can I get a framed print or a metallic/acrylic print? Yes!  Please email me (info@sumanzaman.com) and I will be happy to discuss this you.

Q: Can I upload and share the photos on Instagram etc? I have no restrictions. Feel free to tag me @sumanzaman on Instagram.

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