Paintballing at Delta Force, Cobham, Surrey

Over the summer, Child 1 was invited to visit Delta Force Paintball, in Cobham, Surrey.  From a photography point of view, I loved the opportunity to go with him because I knew I'd get a chance to grab some great photo shots.  Aaryan had never been paintballing before and he loved it.  The instructors were great at splitting up the youngsters from the older men and women. 

I didn't get to go inside each game world as I didn't want to leave my camera gear behind and unattended.  The weather was overcast but warm.  Shooting outdoors on overcast days is actually simple.  People always presume you need a really bright day but bright sunny days are often more problematic because you get harsh shadows everywhere and you have to make sure you turn subjects to an angle that doesn't leave harsh shadows across their face.  If it's cloudy, then the clouds act as a giant softbox and soften the light.

Here are a few photos from the day:

The helicopter they have on the site is the one Tom Cruise flies in Edge of Tomorrow.... it's very cool!