Photographs from London Zoo

A friend of mine recently posted some really nice photos taken at London Zoo.  He asked me to show him some of mine, so here goes....

I think photographing animals is much harder than photographing people.  You can't ask a gorilla to smile; ask a tiger to move into better light; ask a lion to do something.  In my opinion, the lions at London Zoo are the laziest animals there!

However, when you're capturing an image of an animal, you still need to try and capture their essence and character.  Which is the same when photographing people.  You want to capture something of the person in the shot.  Often easier said that done.  

Here are a couple of images I've managed to capture at London Zoo over the past year or so:

When you are up close to a gorilla, you can 'see' them thinking and examine you.  These beings have so much emotion.

The new tiger habitat is fantastic but you usually have to spend some time there, waiting for them to either come outside or move away from the really long grass.

The cheetahs are very cool to watch.  They play around all the time and come right up to the glass partition and stare at you!

Every time I've visited London Zoo, the lions have been the hardest to photograph.  They are usually hiding away or asleep under the straw.

Below, is an Emperor Tamarin.  I just love this guy and his Fu Manchu moustache!

Compare the....... .com

Below are a couple to flying animals.... no idea what they are though!

If you click on an image, it ill open up full size and allows you to see more detail. 

I highly recommend everyone visit London Zoo.  If you have children, then it is a must!  They learn so much in one day and the zoo has loads of talks throughout the day aimed at children.