A Week....ish in Photography

I've become a blog slacker but am here to rectify that!  Some lovely stories from the past week...ish.

With My New DSLR, I'm Invincible!!

That feeling you get when you buy your first DSLR camera........  You are the Bear Grylls of photography!  Ready for anything Mother Nature has in store for you.  Alas, the truth is a little less, jumping into piranha infested waters, and more about waiting for your dog to stop sniffing his privates! 

This Norwegian advert sums it rather nicely!


How Much Do you Want to Spend on a Camera?!

I'm always surprised when I see people with top end cameras...... and jealous when they have better gear than I do!  However, I really do think that most people starting off in DSLR photography, would be wise to buy an entry level camera and spend the extra money on lenses.  Get to know how to use the camera first.  Learn about aperture, shutter speed and ISO first.  Play around with each one and see each one changes the exposure.  Camera bodies change every couple of years but decent lenses will literally last a lifetime.

This is a great article on what can be achieved using a camera costing £100 and comparing it to one that costs £1000s!


The Best Wedding Gift Ever??

Most people wait months, some a year, for their wedding albums.  Usually it's because after a few months of trawling through over a thousand images, the excitement just dies and choosing the images for the album becomes a chore.

This photographer, James Day, delivered a beautiful album at the end of the evening ON the wedding day!  The bride was his wife's identical twin sister, the groom was a fellow photographer and he wanted to surprise them with the ultimate gift.  Obviously something like this couldn't have happened without an entire team of people and companies behind it.  It's amazing what people can accomplish when we work together.  

Check out the story and images HERE.